Central New York Regional Planning & Development Board
Paul W. Pinckney, ChairmanDavid V. Bottar, Executive Director  

Staff of the Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board

David V. Bottar, Executive Director
Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board
(315) 422-8276
Name: Title: Phone:
Michael Boccuzzi Planner 1204
David V. Bottar Executive Director 1207
Chris Carrick Program Manager, Energy Management 1213
Lauren Darcy Senior Planner 1206
Jean Gleisner Program Manager, Community Development and Comprehensive Planning 1212
Bruce Keplinger Research Assistant/GIS Analyst 1209
Amanda Mazzoni Principal Planner 1215
Aaron McKeon Program Manager, Environmental Management 1208
Nicholas Moretti Hub Technical Energy Advisor 1216
Lindsay Speer Senior Planner 1205
Patricia A. Wortley Business Manager 1202

Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council

James D'Agostino, Director
Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council
(315) 422-5716 extension 1302


Name: Title: Phone:
(315) 422-5716
Mike Alexander Senior Transportation Planner 1304 malexander@smtcmpo.org
Thomas Bardenett Senior Transportation Planner 1305 tbardenett@smtcmpo.org
Mario Colone Program Manager 1306 mcolone@smtcmpo.org
James D'Agostino Director 1302 jdagostino@smtcmpo.org
Jason Deshaies Senior Transportation Analyst 1301 jasondeshaies@smtcmpo.org
Joey DiStefano Transportation Planner 1312 jdistefano@smtcmpo.org
Andrew Frasier Senior Transportation Analyst 1307 afrasier@smtcmpo.org
Lori Irvine Administrative Assistant 1309 lirvine@smtcmpo.org
Kevin Kosakowski Transportation Planner 1315 kkosakowski@smtcmpo.org
Danielle Krol Senior Transportation Planner 1308 dkrol@smtcmpo.org
Alex McRoberts Junior Transportation Planner 1311 amcroberts@smtcmpo.org
Meghan Vitale Principal Transportation Planner 1310 mvitale@smtcmpo.org
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